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Japan Trip Travel Journal (Japaniku) | IkuTree

Japan Trip Travel Journal (Japaniku) | IkuTree

I wanted to show you guys one of my favourite souvenirs I have from my solo trip to Japan: my travel journal/diary.

It started out as my brainstorming notebook and I ended up stuffing just about everything in there from little doodles to ticket stumps, maps,… and flicking through it brings back so many great memories from my trip!

Hope it’ll inspire some of you to do the same if you’re planning on doing that big trip you’ve been dreaming about! 😉

Last October, I went on my very first solo trip all the way to my dream destination: Japan (!) with the firm intention of documenting my voyage as much as I could to share with you guys.
I hope that you’ll enjoy discovering Japan through my lens and that I can motivate some of you to take that leap and to travel alone. If my shy bunny butt can do it, so can you! I’ll be going from Tokyo through Osaka, Kyoto and Nara down to Hiroshima, Miyajima and Okunoshima before heading back to Tokyo but not without taking a brief day trip to Hakone before I fly back to Brussels.


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