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Lin Rooftop Bar Singapore

Lin Rooftop Bar Singapore

Lin [] short for “Shu Lin” which means ‘forest’ in Mandarin is a Contemporary Asian Alfresco Rooftop Bar located right in the heart of Tiong Bahru. The theme encompasses the entire bar, from their bamboo silhouettes, sunlight that pierces through their roof designed to look like the canopy of a forest and also the bamboo legs of the tables and chairs. Located on the rooftop of Link Hotel and staying true to its philosophy “doing it better on top”.

Lin 125887



Lin Bar serves up delicious authentic Asian cocktails and mocktails. One of the mocktails served off the menu is a drink that tastes like lemon tea but with a twist. Lin Bar’s favourite and most popular cocktail will be none other than Rustic Sky and Spirited Away.

Rustic Sky Mocktail

Rustic Sky

My personal favourite is the Princess Lotus cocktail. Made perfect for Singapore’s tropical climate, this particular cocktail is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and tantalising to the tastebuds. Princess Lotus is a concoction of vodka, grapefruit syrup, mint syrup, grapefruit, lime wedges and mint leaves.

IMG_0159 copyPrincess Lotus

If you are feeling bold and up for a challenge, Lin Bar invites you to try their Waterfall cocktail. Visualise a stream of flaming alcohol cascading from the bartender’s cup to the one yours on your table. Like a waterfall, the cocktail paints a beautiful picture of turquoise liquid, coloured by the flames, promising to warm the very center of your belly.


Better still, during Happy Hour, the drinks are sold at $12 nett, very affordable given the quality and uniqueness of each glass. Most importantly, Lin Bar does not mix their concoction with cheap and difficult to down house pours; instead, they use Cordon Bleu, Macallan 18, etc at only $10 on Wednesdays.

There is a decently wide collection of fine whiskeys and premium spirits to be paired alongside with local favourites such as Empress Har Cheong Wings, Blur Sotong, Kong Bak Bao, Fire Balls and more!

The Empress Har Cheong Wings comes in very generous serving and very importantly; it is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

wingsEmpress Har Cheong Wings

Blur sotongBlur Sotong

One of Lin Bar’s mains is the Juicy Lucy Beef Burger that is served with a huge portion of shoestring fries, seasoned generously with five-spiced powder and coleslaw.

BurgerJuicy Lucy Beef Burger

The beef patty was cooked to medium rare as requested, tender and fresh tasting. The fries are extremely addictive, perfect with a pint of beer.


Besides hard liquor, Lin Bar carries the Archipelago line of beer and you can savour Singapore’s craft brew that has become very popular in recent years.


Lin Bar’s signature dish is none other than Babe, marinated pork belly which, only a limited portion is prepared per day. Babe is served with sautéed shiitake mushrooms, mixed herbs served with red wine jam and mixed vegetables.


Certainly a great place for post work chill out session, it is located very strategically at Tiong Bahru and you will not want to miss out on their Wednesdays offers, Happy Hour Offers or even their Beer Bucket Promotions. As the night progresses, it’s no surprise you’ll find yourself dancing under the moonlight with an extremely satisfied stomach.

Tsing_Tao5 Tsing Tao Premium at $38 nett

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