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360° VR Bogaz Harbour Walking Tour North Cyprus Travel Vlog Summer Sea 5K 3D Virtual Reality HD 4K

360° VR Bogaz Harbour Walking Tour North Cyprus Travel Vlog Summer Sea 5K 3D Virtual Reality HD 4K

BOGAZ HARBOUR WALK – VID_20191007_150121_00_065 – UPP –

Boğazköy or simply Boğaz (Greek: Μπογάζι) is a village east of Agirda in Cyprus. It was established in the 1960s as a Turkish Cypriot village.[2] De facto, Boğazköy is under the control of Northern Cyprus.

This is a list of beaches in Northern Cyprus.

Karpass Peninsula
The Karpass Peninsula contains 46 sandy beaches, which are the nestling grounds for two species of sea turtles.[1]

Bafra Beach: at an area with 5-star hotels in Vokolida, but also open to general public with a facility operated by the municipality[2][3]
Golden Beach, also known traditionally in Greek-Cypriot as ‘Pashi-Amos’ (Fat Sand beach), or Nangomi Beach: a large beach that is known as one of the finest in Cyprus and very little presence of human construction, near Rizokarpaso, in the Karpass National Park[4][5]
Kaplıca Beach: in Davlos, nesting grounds for sea turtles[6]
Rizokarpaso Public Beach: next to the Ayios Philon Church[7]
Seabird Beach: very close to Cape Apostolos Andreas[5]
Tatlısu Municipal Beach and surrounding sandy coves: in Akanthou, on the Northern Coastal Highway[5]
Kyrenia and surroundings
Acapulco Beach: used by a 5-star hotel[5]
Alagadi Beach: famous for being a nestling ground for sea turtles, whose eggs can be observed as they hatch[2]
Camelot Beach: home to water sports[5]
Deniz Kızı Beach[8]
Dome Hotel Beach[9]
Escape Beach: also site of landing for the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, site of water sports[5]
Karakum Beach[9]
Kervansaray Beach[9]
Horse Nail Beach: near Livera, composed of small stones and site of diving and observation of marine life[5]
Mare Monte Beach: located at a small cove[5]
Famagusta and surroundings
Bedi’s Beach: 8 kilometres north of Famagusta, next to the ancient city of Salamis[10]
Boğaz Beach: next to a small fishing port, 25 kilometres north of Famagusta and on the way to the Karpass Peninsula[5]
Golden Bay Beach: north of Glapsides beach, home to the facilities of the Eastern Mediterranean University as well as caravans[10]
Glapsides Beach: a long beach around 5.5 kilometres north of Famagusta on the Famagusta-Karpass highway, home to water sports[5][10]
Koca Reis Beach: around 12 kilometres north of Famagusta[10]
Palm Beach: a popular beach for the locals at the city center of Famagusta, next to the ghost town of Varosha[5]
Park Hotel Beach: around 10 kilometres north of Famagusta, managed by a hotel[10]
Salamis Bay and Mimoza Hotel Beach: 12 kilometres north of Famagusta, home to water sports, managed by hotels[10]
Morphou and Lefka area
Yeşilırmak Beach: in Limnitis[5]


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