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NO SAFETY VIDEO? | Seoul Incheon to Ho Chi Minh | B787-10

NO SAFETY VIDEO? | Seoul Incheon to Ho Chi Minh | B787-10

Seoul (ICN) – Saigon (SGN)

Flight No – VN409
Aircraft – VN-A879
Date – 22 December 2019
Fleet – B787-10 Dreamliner
Seat – 50A (assigned) then 51A (exchange)
Check in – Row E near Entrance 5
Duration – 5 Hours
Gate – 111
Take off – Runway 16
Landing – Runway 25R
Error – 787-10 not 787-1000 (1.40 & 2.16)

Hi everyone. I would like to clarify whatever is mentioned in this video has nothing against any airlines or parties. It’s based on personal experience. It took me quite some time to think if I should upload this video, NO SAFETY DEMONSTRATION?. Thanks a Vietnamese friend who has connection with the Civil Aviation for giving me advice and sharing with me his opinions. I was worried at the same time, but there should be zero tolerance when it comes to safety. We shouldn’t learn safety by causing accidents. I’m sure this video might offend some enthusiasts / loyal fans of the airline, but it doesn’t matter, as long as we do what it’s right. This is also my first experience boarding a flight without any safety demonstration.

Let me begin it this way. Boarding was about 40 minutes late. I was assigned for seat 50A, which was windowless. It was a nightmare for those who wanted to take pictures and videos. Luckily, passenger sitting at 51A didn’t mind to exchange seat with me. Throughout my flying experience, I guess this is the first time I encountered such an incident, safety demonstration video WAS NOT PLAYED. Yes, NO SAFETY VIDEO AT ALL! I was waiting to cover or shot at least 8-12 seconds of the safety video for my trip report, but… nothing! There was no safety demonstration from the cabin crew as well. I personally think this totally breaks aviation regulations. What do you think? Please comment and let me know.

I have trips (around 13 sectors) with “that” airline since August 2019. I’m confident to say that I’m aware of how the safety video sounds and looks like. It’s about a 5-minute long video. When the video is played/screened, all in-seat personal screens are simultaneously turned on with same brightness level, sound is projected in the cabin as well as through earphone. I remembered clearly, there was NO video. Aircraft was then being pushback, I was waiting again for the sign of showing safety video, it turned out no safety video at all. The plane took off. If you check my previous videos with THE airline, I covered at least 8-12 seconds of the safety demonstration video in the footage.

You might ask, why didn’t you ask the cabin crew? I also wonder why I didn’t ask the cabin crew. First, the flight was delay which means my transit hours was shorter and I was worried I couldn’t catch the connecting flight on time as there is only one flight available on that day. Also the fact that, SGN is very crowded. Second, I was too engrossed in taking videos, as that was my second time on B787-10. I just didn’t wish to miss any important or interesting scene. Especially when the aircraft is being pushback then taxi-ing, I was still holding the camera, waiting and expecting that the safety video would be screened. After airborne, I just wanted to clear my doubt and I asked 4 of my other travelmates, they reaffirmed that there was no safety video.

Besides the fatal error, not forget to mention, this is my second time flying with B787-10. Its distinctive and super large electronic window shade really amazes me. And crew can set/control the window anytime. Food is delicious and crew offer more drinks after lunch service. It was almost a full flight. Online check in through mobile phone wasn’t working. Searching on it’s official website and only found information and rules regarding online check-in and there was no way for me to “click” for online check in, not a user friendly website at all. So, I did the check in and selected my seat at the airport. Luckily ground staff was still able to assign my travel mate and I to sit together.

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