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HOW TO PACK – Travel With Kids in Southeast Asia #minimalist #experience-based

HOW TO PACK - Travel With Kids in Southeast Asia #minimalist #experience-based

Are you planning a family gap year or a similar long-term travel project in Southeast Asia? Thinking about what to pack and can’t find sufficiently detailed packing list on YouTube. We hope we can help you.

The Petermanis family from finished their 9 months long trip in June 2018. We spent 6 months in total in 6 SE Asian countries (Thailand 2mo, Cambodia, 3w, Vietnam 2mo, Malaysia 1w, Indonesia (Bali) 1mo) and 2,5mo in Australia between Adelaide and Brisbane.

This video was shot at month 5 of our travels, but by that time we had nailed our packing system and it stayed pretty much like this until the end of our trip.

This ‘how to’ video covers the following packing categories: 1. bags, 2. clothing, 3. shoes, 4. sleeping gear, 5. toys, 6. swimwear, 7. essential electronics, 8. medicine, 9. higiene, 10. how to keep it organized.

The packing list is skewed towards quite compact travel, but we wouldn’t called it extremely minimalist. However, we quite enjoyed having very few bags to carry around and the low airline fees that come with this.

If you have any questions, please submit as a comment and we’ll try to answer in a few days time.

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