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【Episode 5】Europe Legend with Jack Lim GD与林德荣畅游欧洲之旅

【Episode 5】Europe Legend with Jack Lim GD与林德荣畅游欧洲之旅

布鲁塞尔是一个历史悠久所留下来的伟大城市。各个角落都布满14世纪时建筑的遗迹以及有趣的民间故事。让我们一起来观赏GD旅游大使林德荣带我们一同进入探索充满遗迹的布鲁塞尔, 独一无二的城市美景以及美食等等。

本集主要推荐:布鲁塞尔市政厅 (Hôtel de Ville)
撒尿小童 (Manneken Pis)
布鲁塞尔大广场 (Grand-Place)


Brussels is a great city comes from a long history. Every corners in this city are full of fascinating architecture and interesting statues from 14th century. Let’s take a look at GD Travel Ambassador, Jack Lim to take us along to explore the fascinating Brussels, the unique city views and food.

This episode promote: Hôtel de Ville
Manneken Pis

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