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November, 2019

I spent some time with Ryan Taylor, his Collective Bikes crew and the Certifam family when I was in London before going to South Africa.

This is the Flight log 122 summarising the most epic FPV shots I took that weekend.


People I flew with:

Ryan Taylor
Check out his video:




David Wallace shoots

And the rest of the Collective bikes crew



Some drone shots were taken by other friends that sent me their footage and permission:

*Usamalama*: Check out his awesome Urban exploration channel

*TeoSnaps*: Check out his amazing photo gallery



Even though I am not flying commercially, I would like to stress that I do actually take safety very seriously and will add a good checklist below as a crib sheet to adhere to when thinking about a flight.

I feel I have trained to a level that would enable me to attempt such a flight, and that I am confident and fully aware of all aspects governing the control of my craft.

All equipment has been routinely tested beyond its capabilities in a safe, open and controlled environment.

For the flights shown in this video I had enlisted the help from Ryan’s crew and a plan was formulated for every flight. Aside from training in the parking lot with him my 5″ inch where I actually broke my GoPro lens, I was using a Beta85x equipped with Crossfire and with a uncaged naked GoPro Hero 6 on it which weight under 250g including lipo on the night flying scenes at the end of the video when flying at night. Here the picture of that craft:

During flying, three spotters were strategically positioned around the areas intended for flight and calling in to my spotter next to me at the base location. Whatsapp group calls were used to call audible warning or direction in order to maximise control over the area during the activity and make sure that no vehicle or person would be around during my flight route.

Although I am seemingly flying with disregard to the law here, I can assure you that all safety measures possible were put into place before any flying commenced.

I felt that this was safe enough to attempt with the equipment I am using, additionally with planning beforehand and with the team put in place to help me. Many times, I liberally refused to take-off because the conditions weren’t safe enough for me.

*Information to consider before flying:*

• Practice as much as you can.
• Always use a failsafe.
• Know your skill level. Fly within your limits.
• Test your gear routinely and understand its full functionality.
• Try to ensure as much control over safety as possible during any flight activity.
• Do not attempt to fly if you feel uncertain about anything.
• Follow the Drone Code of the country you are flying in.
• Use the NATS mobile app to declare your flights.
• Never, under any circumstances fly within 5km of any airport, over crowds of people or at heights that would impede air traffic.
• Be sensible. Be in control.


I know I’m going to get some hate from the UAV community but here’s my thinking: I’m not the one ruining the hobby, governments and big corporations planning on privatising the sky and making money out of it are already ruining it for us so we might as well (under safe circumstances) take advantage of it while we still can.


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