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Beijing’s Best Massages

Beijing's Best Massages

Prepare to indulge. Beijing is a great place to get a massage, and we’ve got the most exemplary and relaxing spots down for you in one convenient list. Some of these massages are not merely relaxing, but straight up mind bending.

I Spa(泰美好Spa会所)

Since 2005, I Spa has been holding itself to the highest conceivable standards as the first Thai-style spa in Beijing. Steeped in traditions of Thai massage, I Spa’s branches are already winning over the hearts of its thousands of walk-in customers. They want their locations to serve as safe spaces for self discovery (or rediscovery). There are seven branches in Beijing and they all offer high-quality spa treatments as well as unique Thai massages.

Add: 5th Floor, 2 Taiyue Heights Apartment Hotel, 16 Sanlitun Road South, Chaoyang District

I Spa


Kocoon’s distinction is in seeing massage and assorted spa behaviors as crucial facets of everyday life, like getting enough sleep or eating healthily. There’s a full spectrum of services, with an emphasis in scrubs. This is “organic aurora” therapy, featuring talented and extensively trained masseuses. Surge pricing is the standard here, so you can expect prices to more than triple at peak times. You can expect 100 RMB to 600 RMB for scrubs and facials.

Add: Nali Garden, 11 Sanlitun Road, Chaoyang District


Dragonfly Therapeutic Retreat(悠庭保健会所)

In their site copy these guys offer to give you back your soul in “one or two hours,” so that’s pretty cool. Dragonfly is able to offer both Chinese and Japanese style massages, which is a plus. You can also have your choice of blind masseuse, male or female, “medical,” relaxing or pain relieving. That means TCM muscle massages, moxibustion pain relief, or good old fashioned cupping and scraping. You can get work done for 118 RMB an hour but the prices go up well beyond double that.

Add: Ground Floor, Grand Summit Plaza, 19 Dongfang Donglu

Dragonfly Therapeutic Retreat

Oriental Taipan(东方大班)

Oriental Tapain enjoys a great reputation among twentysomethings, tourists, and the obvious crossover there. Treatments are pretty accessibly priced for the level of luxury (and skill) you’re getting. Hourly rates start around 120 RMB and approach 360 RMB. They see themselves as a secluded island in the center of the city, so get ready.

Add: 1 Xindong Road, Chaoyang District

Oriental Taipan

Green T House

Founded by artist Zhang Jin, the Green T House has the capital’s most fashionable interiors, if you’re into that. Half spa and half art house, Green T offers a smattering of dining options, and the locale is specifically designed to soothe the soul of the weary traveler. Packages are hard to generalize about here, but will probably wind up costing you 200 RMB.

Add: 6 Gongti West Road, Chaoyang District

Green T House

Aibosen Blindman Massage(爱博森盲人按摩院)

Aibosen has served many a drunk and dazed laowai off the street, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its own version of class. With ungodly opening hours, free snacks, juice and late night television in the bargain, this place very nearly resembles some particularly benevolent god’s version of the afterlife. The staff’s collective grasp on English may seem weak at times, but they are used to translating the pantomimes of foreigners.

Add: 11 Liufang Beili, Chaoyang District

Aibosen Blindman Massage

Bodhi Therapeutic Retreat(菩提)

This conveniently located oasis not only offers discounted Chinese massages before 5:00 PM, but boasts a genuinely impressive selection of other massages, including Indian Ayurvedic and Thai. Staff in general are very polite and speak good English. Atmosphere exceedingly tranquil, right down to the provided pajamas, and snacks are served during and after your massage.

Add: 17 Gongti Beilu, Gongti, near Minsheng Bank

Bodhi Therapeutic Retreat

99 Massage & Spa Centre(99按摩中心)

99 Massage & Spa Centre is cool, but you can also get their masseuses to come to your spot, which can be an advantage if you really want some relaxation and can’t be bothered to make it out to Chaoyang, Guanghua Lu, etc. That’s also a twenty-four hour, seven-days-a-week type service. When it gets colder, you’re going to want the hot oil massage. Free food, drinks and fruit are in the bargain.

Add: Rm 703, e-Tower C12, Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District

99 Massage & Spa Centre

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