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A Trip to East Europe-Documentation (Presented by ATS Tour)

A Trip to East Europe-Documentation (Presented by ATS Tour)

Arranged by ATS Tour.

I know, I need to improve a lot in my documentation.
There are some missing footages in:
And I deeply apologise for that.

-Day 1 to Turkey:
it was supposed to only be transit spot, but the plane got delayed, so we had a day in Turkey
Song: Roots-Tobu

-Day 2 to Vienna.
Song: Infectious-Tobu
PLUS PLUS: Interview with Local Guide

-Day 3 to Budapest.
Song: Arrow-Jim Yosef

-Day 4: We’re going to Krakow, but on the way we stopped by a small town called Banska Bystrica.
Song: Routine-Alan Walker & David Whistle

-Day 5 to Krakow
Song: Spectre-Alan Walker

-Day 6 to Warsaw
Song: Nova-Ahrix

-Day 7: We’re going to Prague, Czech Republic, and OTW we stopped by Sedlec Ossuary, Kuta Hora.
Song: Cloud 9-Itro & Tobu

-Day 8 to Prague
Song: Future-JJD

-Day 9 to Hallstatt & Salzburg
Song: Life-Tobu
PLUS PLUS: A short vlog & Performance

-Day 10 to Neuschwanstein Castle & BMW Welt, Munich
Song: Sky-Alan Walker & Alex Skrindo

-Day 11 in Marienplatz, Munich
Song: Fade-NCS Release-Alan Walker
Airplane Video from: YouTube.
[Link: ]

Song: Pine Leaves-Jinsang
I do apologise for the missing & shaky footages.

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