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Traveling Pakistan Khushab City Tour Punjab 2020

Traveling Pakistan Khushab City Tour Punjab 2020

Traveling Pakistan Khushab City Tour Punjab 2020. I’m traveling to Pakistan by Road. In this video Khushab City Bazar, streets, road, shops, hotel, and restaurants Tour in Punjab. Khushab Mean Sweetwater is a district of Pakistani province Punjab. The city was founded by Sher Shah Suri in the 16th Century but I’m passing through Khushab City Bazar Today. It is located 7 Km away from the north bank of the river Jhelum. 60 Km from Lilla Interchange M2 Motorway and 220 Km from Islamabad. Lahore City is 260 Km away from Khushab. The Khushab District’s population is about 1.3 Million. The major language is Punjabi. Its land is fertile and irrigated with Tubewell and canal Irrigation system. Barani area is also producing good crops. It is connected by train and road with the rest of the country. Famous Indian Writer Khushwant Singh was born in Hadali Khushab in 1915. He wrote the famous Novel Train To Pakistan in 1956. I’m not stopping due to coronavirus. My plan was to show real-life in Bazar and Street foods. How is my video and what you think about Khushab?
My next video Khushab To Mianwali Road Trip. My travel by Motorcycle from North to South. In this series traveling along the Indus river. I like to create travel vlogs videos.
Khushab district has consisted of four tehsils Naushera, Noorpur Thal, Quaidabad, and Khushab. Khushab is situated between the cities of Sargodha and Mianwali, near the river Jhelum. The district capital is Jauharabad was founded in 1953.
Khushab consists of agricultural lowland plains, lakes, and hills. Parts of the Thal desert touch the district, which has a breadth of over 70 miles and is situated between the Indus river and the Jhelum river.
There are three lakes Ochali, Khabbaki, and Jahlar in the district. Kanhatti Garden is the largest forest in Khushab district, near Khabbaki village in the Soon Valley. Khabikki Lake is a salt-water lake in the southern Salt Range. The lake is one kilometer wide and two kilometers long. Khabikki is also the name of a neighboring village. Sakesar is the highest mountain in the Salt Range and is the site of the ancient Amb Temples. Sakesar’s summit is 4946 feet high and is situated in Khushab District.
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