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🍴 8 Edible Insects Of Cambodia | Travelling In Cambodia | Living In Cambodia.

🍴 8 Edible Insects Of Cambodia | Travelling In Cambodia | Living In Cambodia.

🍴 8 Edible Insects Of Cambodia | Travelling In Cambodia | Living In Cambodia.
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Cambodia is one country in Southeast Asia which eats and serves creepy-crawlies .
Cambodia, perhaps more than any other South East Asian country, promotes the eating of insects.
Insects are really more than just a street food, and more than a gimmick for interested tourists.
They can be found in street markets and on restaurant menus all around Cambodia.

According to a report from the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, insects may just be the future for world food security.
In this video, we talk about some of the most popular examples of the Cambodian creepy-crawly diet.

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Maggots are those tiny little chubby worms that look disgusting, but with some seasoning and a dash of soy, go down a treat, just pretend there popcorn.mmm
In all seriousness, when served with Cambodian pickled limes, they really are quite tasty.
I suggest trying them cooked deep-fried with chillies and spring onions, just like a stirfry.

2. TARANTULAS. If you suffer from arachnophobia, then it’s probably a good idea to avoid any vendor or restaurant serving Tarantulas.
Even dead, these large, leggy, furry delectables are still obviously spiders. They’re best served deep-fried with a dipping sauce to mask the fact that your eating a spider.
Try eating them with a tamarind sauce, as that will enhance the natural flavour of the spiders.

Eating snake is nothing out of the ordinary in Southeast Asia.
Use your fingers to pull away parts of the soft fleshy bits of the snake, which has interesting taste, something like in between meat and fish, delicate and a little briny.
Cambodians serve the snake in a variety of ways, including deep-frying, marinating and grilling, and they will dry the skin overnight so it forms a crunchy skin.

Like maggots, crickets are deep-fried.
Some of the street vendors will fry them in oil only, while others will add chillies, spring onions and even chopped peanuts.
The taste is shall we say interesting, but when they’re deep-fried, they have a certain sizzle, and it actually tastes a bit like crunchy fried chicken.
Crickets are also naturally salty, so goes really well with a nice cold beer.

Cockroaches have a rather bland taste as you would imagine. It’s best to boil them up, then deep-fry them and mask the taste with a sauce
of your choice. 6. RED ANTS.
Ants are maybe the most common insect on the menu, with them being widely accepted across Cambodia.
The taste of Red Ants is sour, but is best served with a fermented fish paste, sugar, chillies and lime.

Farmers in Cambodia and across Southeast Asia will trail nets throughout their fields of rice to trap the grasshoppers.
The grasshoppers feed on the plants and foliage, absorbing most of what they eat, so, that will give you a meal with surprising taste and freshness.
They will also fry-up well, so, eating grasshoppers has a satisfying crunchy texture.

Possibly the most significant and most challenging of all Cambodian edible insects has to be the giant water bug.
If you have a vivid imagination, you could possibly compare them to a jumbo prawn, but in reality in shape and shell only.
To cook, boil the water in a pan and add chicken stock and vegetables along with the bug.
Once cooked, the idea is to pull off the wings and bite off the head.

So, there you have it!
8 Tasty insects of Cambodia.

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