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Bali Life (Series) Part #47 – The Balinese Celebration

Bali Life (Series) Part #47 - The Balinese Celebration

Click Here: Griya Faria in 4K at LOL Restaurant.

Taking the best moments of what I’m able to capture on video on our day to day life where we live in Denpasar Indonesia, and all of the surrounding, majestic Island of Bali Indonesia. My friend Ketut called us in the evening and said, “come down here, this is a very rare celebration.” So, we headed on over and I had that strange but fun feeling of being the only white dude there (bule.) Haha! During part of the performance, members of the Pecalang invited me over to pass around some local arak while eating lawar (fried pig parts) and enjoying a smoke. Not an experience for the timid, yet not my first either. The effects of arak feel very majestic to me. The video rounds out with a quick one night stay in Ubud again to enjoy some live reggae from Griya Paria at LOL Restaurant.

Note: I do not advise consuming arak if you’re traveling around Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

I upload these videos because I enjoy making them for the people who are interested in this particular journey through life. Yes, I talk too much, but I will give bits and pieces of information that just might come in handy someday. Enjoy!

Recorded with Samsung Galaxy S9+ and GoPro Hero 8 Black. Portions of this video are in 4K UHD. Edited with Power Director.

For those interested in long, uncut, 4K helmet-cam videos from various rides all over the Island of Bali, please visit my other channel, dedicated to just that, here:

Music by:

Griya Paria (Ubud’s Local Reggae Band)

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