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What Globetrotter Granny Is All About

My name is Rebecca Witherspoon. I’m a wife, a mom, and a grandma. I’m a total nut for traveling any time I can and to as many places as I am able. My nickname for many years has been Globetrotter Granny, and it describes me perfectly. As of the end of 2019, I’ve been to Asia, the Middle East, Central America, the Caribbean, Canada, and Europe. I’ve also been to almost every state in the United States. I have a very lofty goal of seeing every state in the USA as well as every continent on this big beautiful globe we call home. I know I will make that goal because I never give up once I’ve made up my mind. My other goal which is equally as important is to ensure that my kids, grandkids, and eventually my great grandkids, get to experience the world right alongside me.

My philosophy for travel is that it should create memories that will not just be fun to experience in the moment but will also impact our way of viewing the world moving forward. I love all the touristy hot spots just like anyone else, but diving deep into a culture, and talking with and getting to befriend and understand the people in the places I visit, is something I believe is the true essence of being a global traveler. Respecting the environment and the cultures of the places I travel to is something I believe helps to build bridges between diverse peoples.

I specialize in authentic and unique, sometimes off-the-beaten-track, immersive luxury and adventure travel for folks who don’t want to be just another tourist. I keep my client list smaller so that I can hyper-curate amazing vacation experiences beyond the ordinary. My goal is to help you experience the world, your way!

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