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Walking in Schiedam 🌤️| Rotterdam Metro Area | The Netherlands – 4K60

Walking in Schiedam 🌤️| Rotterdam Metro Area | The Netherlands - 4K60

Windy Walk in Schiedam. Quite surprised with the city. Although I knew it had a 17th century centre with lots of windmills, it exceeded expectations. The city is known for for having the tallest windmills in the world and also well known for the distilleries and malthouses and production of Jenever (The father of Gin).

The 18th century was Schiedam’s Golden Age, when the gin industry flourished. The standstill drink imports from France made the emergence of the Schiedamse distillery possible. From dozens of distilleries Schiedam jenever was exported throughout the world. The gin industry gave the city its nickname ‘Black Nazareth’. This industry is now largely gone but there is a Jenever museum and there you can taste various types of Jenever.

At the end of the 19th and throughout the 20th century, the shipbuilding industry was booming in Schiedam, with the existence of large companies like Wilton-Fijenoord and others. In 1941, the ancient municipalities Kethel en Spaland were merged with Schiedam which made large expansions of the city possible with residential areas in the north. At the end of the 20th century the shipbuilding industry largely disappeared and nowadays Schiedam is mainly a commuter town being part of the Rotterdam metropolitan area.

Starting Location:
Temp: 🌤️ 13°C
Population City Limits: 78.000
Population Metro Area: 2.563.197
Equipment: Osmo Pocket + External Mic + Walking Techniques
Editing & Grading: Adobe Premiere Pro

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