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 本日から「2020年版 東京ラブストーリー」の配信が開始されました。鈴木保奈美 主演「東京ラブストーリー」放送から、来年で30年となります。東京オリンピック開催は2021年に延期となりましたが、今後も東京の街並みは、大きく変わりつつあります。
1 弁慶橋横の首都高速4号新宿線の下、上の道路は首都高速4号新宿線

2 弁慶橋ボート場、弁慶橋ボート場 入り口、弁慶橋

3 CARATO71横の野沢通り

4 カレーうどん千吉 新宿甲州街道店の横

5 こくみん共済 coop ホール/スペース・ゼロ

Distribution of the “2020 Tokyo Love Story” has started today. It will be 30 years from the broadcast of “Tokyo Love Story” starring Honami Suzuki. The holding of the Tokyo Olympic Games was postponed until 2021, but the cityscape of Tokyo is changing drastically in the future.
This time, I made a “Tokyo Love Story Location Tour” by taking a walk in Tokyo, which was used in the shooting of Tokyo Love Story.
We are interlacing and editing the scenery of the cityscape 29 years ago and the scenery of the city that has changed too much due to reclamation work.
▽ I also posted a link map of the shooting location, so I think that you can feel the change from the time when you actually see it on site.
We are waiting for many comments. If you like, please subscribe to the channel.
1 Under the Shuto Expressway No. 4 Shinjuku Line beside Benkei Bridge, the upper road is the Shuto Expressway No. 4 Shinjuku Line
3m6! 1s0x60188c7c183217e3: 0xed5d51987ae53539! 2z44CSMTAyLTAwOTQg5p2x5Lqs6YO95Y2D5Luj55Sw5Yy657SA5bC-5LqV55S3x5x3x8x3x5x8x3x5x7x5x8x3x8! 0x5x5x7x2! 3b3! 0x5x8x3x8! 0x3x5x5x8x3x8! 0x5x5x8x3x8! 0x3x5x5x7x2x3!
2 Benkeibashi Boating Area, Benkeibashi Boating Area Entrance, Benkeibashi
3m5! 1s0x0: 0x0! 7e2! 8m2! 3d35.6790105! 4d139.7361415
3 Nozawa street beside CARATO 71
! 3m6 1s0x60188b51af6f067d:!!!!!!! 0x119b38f2259a2ce8 2z44CSMTUwLTAwMzUg5p2x5Lqs6YO95riL6LC35Yy66Ymi5bGx55S6 3b1 8m2 3d35.651267 4d139.6981574 3m5 1s0x0:!!!! 0x0 7e2 8m2 3d35.6513474 4d139.6970522
4 Beside curry udon Chikichi Shinjuku Koshu Kaido store
1s0x0: 0x0! 7e2! 8m2! 3d35.6871299! 4d139.6967856
5 Kokumin mutual aid coop hall / space zero
Kyosai + coop + Hall% EF% BC% 8F Space Zero / @ 35.6869707,139.6967519,244m / data =! 3m1! 1e3! 4m5! 3m4! 1s0x60188cd192d3f659: 0x634fd8da37706711! 8m2! 3d35.6869641! 4d139.6970201

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