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Japan Travel | Part 1/4 | Tokyo & Nagoya | Vlog and Guide

Japan Travel | Part 1/4 | Tokyo & Nagoya | Vlog and Guide

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Part 1/4 – Tokyo & Nagoya
A little light vlogging from my travels through Japan in 2019 for the Rugby World Cup.

Here, we spend a night getting silly with Rugby fans in Tokyo and travel to Nagoya for Wales vs Georgia. This video is not overly comprehensive or particularly educational. Just my trip. But you’ll see a bunch of stuff. So, that’s good. Things to do. Things NOT to do. Food and drink. Tips. And lots of other random information that may or may not be useful to humanity.

Trip Photos:
Rugby World Cup 2019:
CNN Travel Blog 1:
CNN Travel Blog 2:
CNN Travel Blog 3:
CNN Profile of Paul Erskine:
Rugby World Cup 2021 (Women):
Rugby World Cup 2023 (Men):
Rough Guides – Golden Gai:
Meitetsu New Grand Hotel:

Jarrett Bellini:

Video Gear:
This vlog was shot with a 360 camera that I am phasing out of rotation. I no longer really see any interest in people actually wanting to experience video in 360. So, instead, I’ve taken the footage (two 180-degree front-and-back lenses) and edited it for a traditional viewing experience. The limitation results in square video. Which actually works well for social.

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