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What I Miss About Japan 🗻🍜🎏🍡🗾

What I Miss About Japan 🗻🍜🎏🍡🗾

Things I miss about Japan! A chat through what I miss most about Tokyo, Japanese culture, food and all the things that make Japan special.

I don’t mean this to be a sad video! Last week I should have been on my Japan trip that got cancelled, so I’ve been thinking about all the things I miss. There are so many great things about Japan – so let’s share them in the comments. What do you miss most? Is it ramen, the buzz of Tokyo, sushi, kawaii shops, Japanese fashion, beautiful shrines, the scenery of the countryside and Mount Fuji, the culture, a particular place, or something else? Tell me in the comments! Even if we can’t travel at the moment, we can still plan for the future and look forward to when we can go back.

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