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VLOG 002: Soul (A Japan Travel Vlog)

VLOG 002: Soul (A Japan Travel Vlog)

VLOG 002: Soul

Many people travel always in searching of something: a sign, an answer, a break, or in many cases; they go soul-searching.

but what if you were traveling along with tour soul? to travel living in your essence, to travel living a life of purpose and meaning?

last July 2019, I was fortunate enough to experience this myself as I visited my favorite country: Japan. While it is my 5th time, I could definitely say that though it was the shortest visit, it was most definitely the best for I was able to live fully in each moment of the trip. I learned that traveling to new or familiar places alongside my soul holds a new lesson and surprise in every corner & every little detail of a place.

So I made this motivational travel vlog to share with you that your soul and your essence is always just within you and hopefully the next time you step on a car, boat or plane to a different place, you will be traveling not in searching of something but to travel as the whole, worthy person that you are.

So I bring to you all, VLOG 002: Soul, a motivational travel vlog of Japan!

#GotchuFam #ChooseLove #LiveLife

Videos shot on iPhone & Fujifilm XT20

Video edited on Splice

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