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Tokyo Station & Marunouchi – 丸の内 – 4K Ultra HD

Tokyo Station & Marunouchi - 丸の内 - 4K Ultra HD

Originally built in 1914, Tokyo Station, or Tokyo-Eki, is Japan busiest station in terms of number of trains per day. According to Wikipedia, over 3,000 trains pass through the station every single day. Tokyo Station also holds a special place in the hearts of Tokyo residents. Despite being over 100 years old, the main building still remains the same and is actually one of Tokyo’s architectural treasures thanks to its unique design and brick walls.

Located a few hundreds meters away from the Imperial Palace and in the Marunouchi business district, Tokyo Station is worth checking by day or by night.

Once done, make sure to roam around Marunouchi where you will find other gorgeous European-style red brick buildings, a whole host of trendy stores and restaurants as well as a hidden garden too often ignored by tourists.

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