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France Travel Guide – The Vincennes Castle

France Travel Guide - The Vincennes Castle

Take a tour of Vincennes Castle in France — part of the World’s Greatest Attractions travel video series by GeoBeats.

In France, the country known for its chateaux and castles, lies a gorgeous medieval castle in the Vincennes commune.

Established on the grounds of a hunting lodge in the 12th century, it was re-modeled into a manor and eventually a grand castle.

This land is considered to be a vital part of France’s history as many kings were born here.

Vincennes Castle has had its spires in many major European events in centuries past, including the French Revolution, and World War Two.

At an impressive height of 52 meters, the central tower stands among the tallest of its kind in Europe.

Counted among the best preserved European castles, you will get a revived taste of true medieval France in this alluring structure.

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