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Coron Firefly tour, HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT // Ep 28 Southeast Asia Travel Vlogs

Coron Firefly tour, HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT // Ep 28 Southeast Asia Travel Vlogs

Firefly tour.. seems like it could be cool right?
Just kidding, I’m sure it could be good if you book the right tour. Unfortunately, we did not. We booked through our Airbnb host and learned the hard way that we should not have booked any tours through her.
Do your research! I can’t stress that enough.

We were expecting this tour to be really cool, and there were some cool moments, but all in all, it was a big waste of time and money.
1800 pesos / 43 Canadian dollars to be exact. Precious money we could have spent on something else. But, alas. What’s done is done, don’t make our mistakes.

Long story short, we spent the whole tour waiting around and looking at nothing, occasionally we saw some flickering in the trees and water but that got old after 45 minutes of standing there.
After that, we kayaked and saw barely any plankton. We were not amazed, no matter how many times our tour guides asked.
The tour was supposed to take us to a floating restaurant that we would get to via boat while looking at luminescent plankton and fireflies on the way… NOT WHAT HAPPENED.
After too long on the “tour” we finally got driven (in the van, not boat) to get our “dinner”. The food was freezing and had been sitting out for who knows how long. But we aren’t wasters, so we gobbled it up and out of there.
We were clearly not happy with this tour, but in the end, like every experience out here travelling, it gave us memories to look back on and laugh about.
I’m still curious about how the tour should have been, but not curious to again any time soon.

Stay tuned for the next Vlog as we figure out how to get to El Nido!

The journey begins!

Scotty and I quit our jobs, moved our stuff into storage and left Canada to travel all around Southeast Asia until the funds run out. We’ve always talked of doing something like this, but we decided to take the plunge and really go for it.

We are starting our travels in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and staying with our old pal and roommate Sunil. From there, we will be traveling to Bali, Indonesia.

Our goal is to experience as much as we can, get out of our comfort zones, and really live our lives to the fullest.

We plan to share this journey with friends and family and anyone else interested in our journey. The goal is to put out one travel vlog weekly, to share the good, the bad, and everything in between.

Stay tuned and enjoy the ride!!

Estie & Scotty

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Video shot on: Canon G7X Mark ii, GoPro Hero 5, and iPhone 6.

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