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Vineyards in Slovenia – S_PHOTO location scouting and management

Vineyards in Slovenia - S_PHOTO location scouting and management

Location scouting and management S_PHOTO

Slovenia has a very rich wine tradition. During the Austro-Hungarian Empire, it was a significant wine producer. To this day, a 17th-century shrub grows in Maribor, which is still bearing fruit. The land under vines has shrunk considerably and now 25,000 ha of the area are cultivated here. There are three main wine regions in Slovenia. All regions are unique. We focused on the Primorska region to our film location, a region in the western part of the country, along the Adriatic Sea and the Italian border. The conditioning of Slovenia’s area by the sea is fantastic despite the fact that Slovenia has only about 47 km access to the Adriatic Sea. The three main cities located on the Adriatic in Slovenia are Piran, Izola and Koper. The uniqueness of these vineyards is special because they are located on the slopes that border the sea. Most of the film or photographic frames can be made so that horizon is drawn to the sea or part of the architectural development located on a promontory strongly entering the Adriatic. Our presentation is just a preview trailer of the vineyard and what we can do on the Adriatic in Slovenia.

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