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What Else Do I Have To Do? Life in Thailand….

What Else Do I Have To Do? Life in Thailand....

Vlog#853 Today is a full day of real life living in Thailand. I visit a Monk in the Temple and we talk about a few things….. Also it is Sunday and I get my favorite dish……
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Equipment used is a
SJCAM 7Star / movement shots in 1080p 60fps
GoPro Hero4 Black (back up camera used with Snoppa gimbal)
GoPro Hero 5 Black (Secondary camera) Used on dash driving video
GoPro Hero 7 Black (Primary camera)
Microphone: RODE wireless mic
Gimbal with gopro hero4: Snoppa
Samsung Galaxy A7 (used during all Live streams)
Power Director for Android:
powerdirector.DRA140225_01&hl=en (Android app when filming with phone)
Edit Program: Magix edit pro 2018 (Primary Edit Program)

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