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Kamakura "The Kyoto of East Japan"

Kamakura "The Kyoto of East Japan"

A short train ride south of Tokyo brings you to Japan’s medieval capital Kamakura. This small coastal town is brimming with temples and shrines and is the perfect place to simply wander and explore (whilst tasting some of the great local cuisine). The Great Buddha may take the headlines but each of the spiritual sites has its own pleasures, especially when you can find a peaceful corner all to yourself. With its plethora of temples and shrines one can see why some call this little town the Kyoto of East Japan. The perfect day trip from Tokyo!

The sights visited on this short trip included the Hasedera Temple, the Hachimangu shrine, the Great Buddha Amida, Kenchoji Zen Buddhist Temple, and the picture perfect Enoden electric railway.

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