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Edit ver.[Akihabara/秋叶原/아키하바라/ Nhật Bản/秋葉原]Japan City walk【Trip with Gopro】

Edit ver.[Akihabara/秋叶原/아키하바라/ Nhật Bản/秋葉原]Japan City walk【Trip with Gopro】

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Tokyo Japan City walk [Akihabara/秋叶原/아키하바라/ Nhật Bản/秋葉原]Not a vlog, no faces or talking Please Subscribe to the channel if you like.



I walked [Akihabara]in the early summer of 2020.

Akihabara is a lively shopping district with a wide range of electronics retailers, from small stalls to large stores like Yodobashi Multimedia Akiba. There is a Tokyo Anime Center with exhibits and souvenirs, a 10-story radio hall with toys and trading cards, and collectors items, as well as a store specializing in manga, anime and video games. A maid cafe where staff in maid and butler costumes carry tea and desserts is also a specialty.

Even Japanese people can feel dangerous in the downtown area at night, so it is dangerous to walk alone in a back alley or a dark road, so we recommend that you tour with more than one person.
Well then Enjoy this Video.


 秋葉原はエレクトロニクス小売店が集まる活気あるショッピング街です。展示や土産物中心の東京アニメセンター、玩具やトレーディング カード、コレクターズ アイテムを揃えたラジオ会館のほか、漫画、アニメ、ビデオゲーム専門の店もあります。メイドや執事の衣装を着たスタッフがお茶やデザートを運ぶメイド喫茶も名物です。


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