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When Can We Travel Abroad Again?

When Can We Travel Abroad Again?

When Can We Travel Abroad Again

In this age of Covid 19, those of us who like to travel have only one thing on our minds, When Can We Travel Abroad Again.

And, that is very much an open ended question, because nobody knows… for sure. But there are some glimmers of hope emerging.

However, as in most things, there is some good news and some bad. Let’s talk about a little of the latest.

First in the area of airline travel.

Recently, a number of airlines have announced that they are going to extend their flight change flexibility policies. All I can say to that, is they better after the billions that have been shoveled their way, but…

United, Delta, American, and JetBlue have said that any new bookings made until the end of June can be changed to a later date with no fee. This isn’t nearly enough in my opinion, but it is better than nothing. There have been extensions made several times already, so maybe it will happen again.

I’m afraid that I have no news regarding European carriers however.

You should continue to check individual airlines websites for more details as we move through the pandemic.

On the domestic front.

For those of you that like to visit our national parks, many of them are opening, albeit slowly. Particularly in California.

Lassen Volcanic National Park opened on May 29, while others like Sequoia and Kings Canyon opened June 4th.

And, On June 5, the popular California park, Yosemite, cracked open its gates—barely. it reopened access only to those with existing wilderness permit reservations and existing permits to climb Half Dome. For now, campgrounds, hotels, and other businesses inside the park will remain closed.

Looking to Europe.

Europe could have its free travel zone up and running again by the end of this month.

What does this mean if you are not European?

Internal borders will reopen in time for summer holidays, meaning that Europeans will be able to travel freely for their summer vacations.

But, for travelers from outside, it’s a different story. EU’s interior ministers want to extend the current entry ban on outside travelers “by 14 days until July 1.”

That is for everyone accept travelers from the United States, Brazil, and Russia. Why those three exceptions?

Because, Those three nations account for 44 percent of the world’s confirmed infections and nearly 38 percent of the world’s confirmed coronavirus deaths, according to Johns Hopkins.

Here in the U.S, as a result of the horrifically inept response to the virus, we have the worst statistics in the world. The population of the US is only 4.25% of the worlds total population.

Total corona virus cases world wide 7plus million, cases in the U.S. 2plus million. Thats about 28% of the cases. Deaths world wide 404, 529, deaths in the US 112,422. That’s more that a quarter of all deaths here in the U.S.

Until, we get a handle on coronavirus here in the States, we are going to remain shut out.

And, that is serious bummer for those of us wishing to enjoy all that Europe has to offer.

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