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Surabaya, INDONESIA: The city of heroes 🦈🐊 | Java island

Surabaya, INDONESIA: The city of heroes 🦈🐊 | Java island

Surabaya, Indonesia is known as the city of heroes as it had an important role in Indonesia’s independence. Surabaya is located in Java island (East Java more precisely). The name Surabaya itself means shark and crocodile, referencing a centuries-old tale about a fight between a shark and a crocodile in the area where the city is located. In this video, we walk around Surabaya showing some of the landmarks.

This trip to Indonesia was before the lockdown.

Indonesia | Surabaya vlog in detail:
00:00 – Intro to Surabaya
01:15 – Balai Kota (Surabaya City Hall)
03:35 – Grahadi
05:17 – Arca Joko Dolog
06:09 – Bamboo monument
07:43 – Taman Bungkul (park)
08:49 – Suro and boyo statue
10:13 – House of Sampoerna
11:29 – Taman Sejarah (Historical Park)
13:09 – Video Outtakes 😁 πŸ˜‚ 🀣

All videos in wonderful Indonesia 😍:

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