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4D3N Taipei Itinerary: Insider guide to exploring Taipei and its outskirts like a local

4D3N Taipei Itinerary: Insider guide to exploring Taipei and its outskirts like a local

Here’s our guide to rediscovering and exploring Taipei and it’s outskirts a little differently.

Taipei. One of our favourite travel destinations in Asia. Most of us visit for the shopping and food — sticking to the usual hotspots, not venturing far from places like Ximending (西門町), Shilin (士林) and the famed Yongkang Food Street (永康街). I must admit that this happened on my previous 2 trips to Taiwan too.

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Where to Buy Imported Cheese in Shanghai

One of the great mysteries of expat life in Shanghai is where to find cheese. Some expats rely on expensive cheese sold in small delis in the French Concession or places like the deli at the Westin Hotel/Bund Center. Some rely on cheese sold at supermarkets such as Tesco, Metro, Carrefour, or City Shop. Laviezine goes on a taste test across the city to find the best stores, delis and online shops to buy imported cheeses in Shanghai. Continue Reading

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HKD150 for 6 Craft Beers – Belgian Beer Battle

B is for Belgium. Apart from their stylistic diversity and originality, Belgian ales are most famous for their complexity and uniqueness in taste, which make the beers “taste Belgian”. In their February tasting, you can get a taste of the traditional Belgian styles as well as the new world’s take on this traditional delicacy. Continue Reading

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10 Best Thrift Shops in the U.S.

In fact just take a walk down any number of streets in U.S. and you’ll probably be overwhelmed by both the quality and quantity of fashionable folks roaming the sidewalks. But do you ever wonder how people do it? How they can keep up with the joneses of trends and afford our ridiculous rents at the same time? Put aside the super rich for a moment. What about the rest of us regular people? Well, some pinch pennies and eat ramen for dinner BUT the smart ones… they shop second hand and vintage. The truth is fashion always repeats itself, right?  This cyclical nature means you don’t always have to buy new if you want to have a fresh look. Continue Reading