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Take Five: Honolulu Beyond the Beach

Take Five_ Honolulu Beyond the Beach

While Honolulu might be famous for its gorgeous beaches and the ocean activities (or in some cases non-activity i.e. sunbathing) that take place on their shores, Honolulu is also renown for adventures and cultural experiences of their own that promise an unforgettable Honolulu visit even if you never set foot on the sand. From an internationally inspired historic home to eye-popping street art, here are five fun ways to experience Honolulu beyond the beach. Be there. Continue Reading

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These Cruise Ship Bars Would Even Be Cool on Land

These Cruise Ship Bars Would Even Be Cool on Land

Cruise ships are always trying to find new ways to wow you, whether it’s with a giant glass observation orb, bumpers cars, or an insane water park on the lido deck. Lucky for you, the cruise lines have upped their bar game in recent years. Whereas once the main draw was fruity cocktails and steel drum bands, today’s newer ships offer private wine bars, craft-beer dens, and even robot mixologists. And you’ll realize after a couple of “at sea” days filled with tanning and trivia that onboard drinking is probably gonna be your go-to activity. So these cruise ship bars are worth staying up long past your bedtime. Continue Reading

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Six Chinese Films to Watch in 2016

Alright… you’re in the mood for watching a movie tonight but you have one requirement: that the movie be in Mandarin. Now you need to decide on a genre: Comedy, Sci-Fi, Horror? Hmph… one problem: all you know are Kung-Fu movies. As much as you love Kung-Fu movies, you want more options. Well great news!  We have curated a list of movies in Mandarin, broken down by genre, so you can pick and choose based on what you’re in the mood for. Continue Reading