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Popularizing the Refined Blue-and-White

While blue-and-white porcelain, five-colour porcelain and paper boxes are seemingly not connected to each other, artist Wilson Shieh is going to put them together into an artwork! He will show you how to appreciate the Museum of Art’s collection of porcelain from the Ming and Qing dynasties. You will learn how to paint complex but delicate blue or colourful patterns on your own paper or plastic boxes, so these exquisite porcelain patterns the pride your storage cabinets. Continue Reading

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Step away from your ordinary after work Thursday, and enter a world of the mysterious, unknown and supernatural! Salon 10 presents the unique talent that is Stuart Palm, an expert in the mind, from the tricks it can play to the unbelievable things he can make you believe. Stuart Palm is more than a magician, he is a true mentalist. Continue Reading