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Titus Andronicus 2.0

This is probably the goriest of Shakespeare’s works. The play was taken on tour to six cities in Europe and Asia. Director Tang Shu-wing takes an audacious and ground-breaking approach in presenting the revenge classic of the Roman General Titus by storytelling in physical theatre with live music and body language. (This programme contains contents which some audience members may find disturbing and is suitable for ages 12 or above.) Continue Reading

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The 7 Best Beaches for Winter Surfing

What is surfing? Well, it is not hard to give the description of surfing if you have the desire to be out in the water, the freedom to withstand the great force of nature and feel the energy which pushes you to the places where you have never been before. It is almost like a new world. It’s an addictive drug which you cannot stop taking. But surfing without the great waves is like a hot bear which is not at all cool. Continue Reading

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The 7 Best Friendship Movies of All Time

The 7 Best Friendship Movies of All Time

The BFF tearjerker has become as much of a classic movie genre as the spaghetti Western. From true-­to-­life coming-­of-­age tales to workplace dramas, friendship is portrayed in many different ways on screen. Whether you’re looking for movies for a marathon with your best friends, or you’re planning an old-school sleepover, these movies about friendship must make your list. Continue Reading

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The Forbidden City and the Odyssey of Its Treasures: a Photographic Retrospective

Photography stands alone as an art in itself. Not only is it a vehicle carrying information on the “who, what, where, when, and why” of events, but also a reflection of the diversity and vitality of an era. Traditional illustrations and texts fall short of competing with its influence and impact. Photography was introduced into China during the late Qing dynasty (1644-1911) soon after its invention. It came with the arrival of Western photographers in Macao, Hong Kong, and Guangzhou (or Canton), spreading farther inland from Shanghai, timely capturing a modern China caught in the throes of the clashes between old thinking and new trends, and between traditional culture and foreign influences over the course of a century. The images also bear witness to the dribs and drabs in the transition of political powers, the come-and-go of prominent figures, and the transformation of social reality. Continue Reading

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Top 8 Theme Parks in China

China is a world-renowned destination for exciting theme parks. Indeed, out of the twenty largest and most popular amusement parks in Asia, 11 are located in China. China’s themed parks are recognized globally and compete favorably with those in U.S and Europe for world’s most visited parks. The parks offer a mixture of Western and local cultures, have exciting rides, theater performances, as well as golfing and gaming facilities. Continue Reading