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Macau’s Best Cultural Restaurants

Macau's Best Cultural Restaurants

Macau’s boom in casinos has transformed the city into China’s Las Vegas whilst also attracting numerous high class restaurants; these have joined the many rustic Portuguese eateries which are a legacy of colonial rule. The two sides of Macau, luxurious gambler’s paradise and laid back colonial outpost, are evident in these ten restaurants, which are the best that cultural Macau has to offer. Continue Reading

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Top 8 Chinese Restaurants in Hong Kong

Top 8 Chinese Restaurants in Hong Kong

As a sort of melting pot for Chinese cultures – or just a particularly cosmopolitan city of the world – it’s no surprise that Hong Kong has some of the best restaurants representing China’s various regional cuisines, outside of those native regions. Unfortunately it’s no longer any secret either. No worries: we’ve got the best of the best below for your perusal, to save you a whole lot of trial and error (including but not limited to expired winter melon). Happy eating! Continue Reading