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Top 10 Hot Springs in China

Top 10 Hot Springs in China

Visiting a spa/hot spring resort is more than just a mini-vacation. It guides you to review your lifestyle and perhaps even the meaning and purpose of life.

A relaxing a day at a spa sounds extravagant to some, but there are factors included that leads to the improvement of your health and placing your body back into balance.

We cannot think of enough reasons to soak up and unwind in a glorious setting – solely created to replenish body, mind and soul.

1. Jinshan Hot Spring Resort

Jinshan Hot Spring Resort
Located in the Guangdong province, Jinshan’s deep-heated, crystal-clear carbonated water is famous for their mineral content and legendary healing powers. Its amazing water quality includes 45 trace elements that do wonders for the human body.

Many a folk take to the resort to soak up in the hot springs. Guangdong is a developed province with convenient transportation and accommodation, so getting there is simply a matter of planning and going.

2. Jiuhua Spa hot spring Resort

Jiuhua Spa hot spring Resort
Jiuhua Spa hot spring Resort is located in Changping District of Beijing. It was originally the royal garden of the emperors. Jiuhua’s Xiaotangshan hot spring is one of China’s four major hot springs, which dates back many years. It is abundantly rich in minerals and elements – which are beneficial to the wonders of medical treatment.

Here is where you can expect to rejuvenate your spirit in a tranquil setting. The hot springs reaches the national standard of table-water and the unstable microelement in the water will form a temporary membrane over the skin which is supposed to cure skin diseases and pigment deposition. The Jiuhua hot spring rose from 1230 meters underground and the temperature of the hot-spring stays around 40 degrees celius.

3. Zhongshan Hot Spring Resort
Zhongshan Hot Spring Resort in Guangdong province is built near mountains and takes up an area of 30,000-square-meters. Different functions and sizes of hot springs are naturally scattered around the spa to provide more variety in a blissful and mountainous setting.

4. Crown Seaside SPA Hotel

Crown Seaside SPA Hotel in Hainan province is a five-star vacation resort with the biggest hot spring hydrotherapy center, where senior experts on hydrotherapy will offer varied services to help customers boost their health and unwind both mentally and physically.

5. Tianyi Hot Spring Resort

Tianyi Hot Spring Resort
Tianyi Hot Spring Resort is situated near the Emei Mountain range in the Sichuan province. It consists of an ‘island’, built in a forest and besides its other functions of offering accommodation, dining, conference, and entertainment, it is also a place where you might feel like you have been transported to another planet.

6. Jinping Mengla Hot Spring

Jinping Mengla Hot Spring
Located in the southern part of Yunnan Province, this hot spring is particularly favored amongst spa enthusiasts. Even in freezing winter temperatures, when most northern regions struggle along in howling winds and heavy snow, Yunnan enjoys Spring-like weather.

The hot spring gushes water from stone holes at a temperature of 50-60 degrees Celsius, and provides plenty of organic minerals with natural cleansing properties.

7. Tibetan Dezong Hot Spring Resort

Tibetan Dezong Hot Spring Resort
Located in a remote valley, this hot spring is situated about 140 kilometers from Lhasa. Though hidden in a paradise not easy to reach, it enjoys a high reputation in Tibet.

The reason is simple – bathing in Dezong hot spring can help heal chronic diseases, mainly because of the abundant minerals in the water. And don’t worry, this is a tourist-friendly spring divided into two separate pools, one for males and one for females.

If by any chance you are traveling in Tibet during winter, spare at least one evening for Dezong Hot Spring to add extra fun to your trip.

8. Tibet Paillong Hot Spring
Tebet Paillong Hot Spring, near Pailong village, is noted for its natural formation. One can enjoy the hot spring flowing ones body when the water pours from the mouth of spring.

9. Yuetuo Island Hot Spring, Hebei

Located on the sandy island of Yuetuo in the Bohai Sea Gulf, this hot spring is particularly rich in nutritious minerals that are wonderful for refreshing the skin. Due to the convenient route from the island to Beijing and Tianjin, it’s an extremely popular winter spot for residents of the two cities.

It’s highly recommended to spend a weekend on the island, where you can enjoy a spa treatment in the hot spring and also stroll along the beach.

10. Mt. Huangshan Hot Spring, Anhui

Mt. Huangshan Hot Spring, Anhui
Last but certainly not least, this hot spring in Huangshan Mountain remains at about 42 degrees Celsius all year round. The water is limpid and tastes sweet. For this reason, the hot spring is used for both bathing and drinking.

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